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The olfactometer, or “electronic nose,” detects and measures odors in many research and commercial applications. This odor-delivery system consists of one cassette or multiple cassettes connected...
Oscillating Stimulus Transporter Assay
Membrane-bound transporter proteins enable passage of nearly all biologically-relevant molecules across lipid membranes. They are critical for cell nutrition and communication, and are targeted by...
OSS - A spherical harmonics framework for whole-embryo mechanics modeling
A spherical harmonics framework for whole-embryo mechanics modeling We provide the following computer code and programs: Matlab classes and utility functions for calculating...
OSS - Fast and robust optical flow for time-lapse microscopy using super-voxels
Optical flow is a key method used for quantitative motion estimation of biological structures in light microscopy. It has also been used as a key module in segmentation and tracking systems and...
OSS - Fast, accurate reconstruction of cell lineages from large-scale fluorescence microscopy data
The comprehensive reconstruction of cell lineages in complex multicellular organisms is a central goal of developmental biology. We present an open-source computational framework for the...
Plexiglass Drosophila Hybridization Dish
Drosophila brains can be mounted on a 22x22 mm glass coverslip for efficient parallel processing of large numbers of unique samples via fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) or...
PMT Amplifier
This PMT Amplifier is used as a current-to-voltage converter (transimpedance amplifier) for laser scanning microscopy. Depending on the FET OpAMP used, the bandwidth is up to ~100 Mhz, ideal...
PMT Controller and Power Supply
The Janelia PMT Controller is an updated design for use in high-performance microscopy systems. It was designed and built to meet the needs of the new large field of view 2 photon random...
Projector for Visual Stimulation
Projectors are the most popular visual stimulation devices for visual neurophysiology experiments. Projectors can be designed with novel display solutions for rendering high temporal and spatial...
Quick-Mount Slide Holder, Fixed Positioning
Repeatable microscope observations at high magnification and resolution are difficult when using current slide holders for oil immersion due to the objective, oil, and slide movement on the...