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Project Team Organization

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Project Team Organization
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Leading a diverse group of scientists requires talented interdisciplinary and collaborative leaders. We recruit and nurture scientists with this skill set. These project leaders oversee groups of scientists and technicians, often with groups larger than Janelia’s labs, to achieve the project goals on time and on budget. A steering committee, consisting of Janelia Lab Heads, project leaders, visitors, and senior management, helps drive a project’s scientific and operational direction.

As our projects command a sizable portion of Janelia’s overall budget, we regularly evaluate the scientific progress and achievement of goals at many levels. Our Project Team Executive Committee includes project team leadership, members of the scientific leadership, and senior scientific management. This group meets quarterly to discuss the project team portfolio and plan for overall success.

We actively seek input from scientific experts through a semi-annual Project Team Advisory Symposium, in which the Large Projects are presented and discussed with a diverse group of scientists. Feedback from these scientific advisory panels is provided to the Janelia Advisory Board, whose approval is necessary to justify the funding of the Project Team Portfolio to the Board of Trustees.