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Kit Longden

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I am working on color vision in Drosophila, identifying behaviors that involve color vision and understanding the neural circuits supporting them (Longden 2016). I have a long-term interest in understanding how neural computations operate reliably under changing circumstances, be they external changes in the sensory context, or internal changes of state such as hunger and locomotion. On internal state-modulation of sensory processing, I have shown how hunger alters visual motion processing in blowflies (Longden et al. 2014), and identified a role for octopamine in modulating motion vision during locomotion (Longden and Krapp 2009, 2010). On responses to external cues, I have shown how one kind of uncertainty in the motion of the visual scene is resolved by the fly (Saleem, Longden et al. 2012), and I have identified novel cells for processing translation-induced optic flow (Longden et al. 2017). I like working with colleagues who use different model systems, to get at principles of neural operation that might apply in many species (Ding et al. 2016, Dyakova et al. 2015). I like work motivated by computational principles - my background is computational neuroscience, with a PhD on models of memory formation in the hippocampus (Longden and Willshaw, 2007). Find me on Twitter @TheFlySide, google scholar, ORCID, ResearchGate, LinkedIn, Loop and Frontiers.