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Tools and Reagents

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Fly Olympiad / Tools and Reagents
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Tools and Reagents
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Data and Assay Release

We are committed to making high-quality screen data publicly available in a timely fashion and in a user-friendly manner through various mechanisms. As we produce sufficient high-quality data that have been internally validated, our goal is to make the results of the primary screens and the behavioral assay designs and protocols generally available to the scientific community on the Janelia website.

The detailed results of Olympiad screens will be made available at the time of publication.  We have just completed the initial screen (August 2012). We are actively engaged in data analysis and we hope publish the results  by August of 2013. A second explicit goal of the Olympiad project is to make available methods for designing large-scale screens, analyzing the resulting data (including software), and provide detailed documentation for reproducing hardware. Plans for each behavioral apparatus developed by The Olympiad Project (including CAD diagrams when available), as well as the software programs that control them, will be available upon request no later than August 2013.