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Fly Olympiad

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The Fly Olympiad (2009-2012) was a collection of experiments in behavioral neurobiology to screen thousands of fruit fly lines covering a wide range of behaviors that are relevant to the animals’ livelihood including but not limited to: how flies see, move, interact, and reproduce.


The goal of the Fly Olympiad was to create what is effectively a "phenotype sequencer" to determine the role of individual neurons or groups of neurons have in altering fly behavior. High-throughput and highly accurate behavioral assays were used to assess the behavioral consequences of turning on or off collections of neurons in the adult fruit fly brain. Many of the quantitative assays we developed are now part of the Project Technical Resources Group. For more information about the project, please contact Wyatt Korff.


Steering Committee

Wyatt Korff

Gerald Rubin

Michael Reiser

Julie Simpson

Gwyneth Card

Kristin Branson

Reed George

Vijay Samalam