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About the Data

The MouseLight project generates single neuron reconstructions of complete axonal arbors from light microscopic image data in sparsely labeled brain samples. Approximately 15-50 neurons are reconstructed in every sample, individual brains are registered to the Allen Reference Atlas and the traced neurons are presented in this reference space. Details of sample handling, imaging, computational steps, and links to analysis tools will be added to these pages.

Data Visualization and Axonal Reconstructions

The primary portal used to visualize and trace neurons is the Janelia Workstation software created by the Scientific Computing Software team at Janelia.

Tracing Team

Axons of mouse neurons are typically sub-micron in diameter and could be as fine as 100nm while at the same time spanning many millimeters across the brain. This poses a significant challenge for automated as well as manual approaches to track the paths of individual axons even in sparsely labeled samples. The reconstructions included in the MouseLight database were all done by a team of trained annotators. Each neuron was traced and proofread by two independent annotators, the data represents a consensus between the two tracers.