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Jovanic T, Schneider-Mizell CM, Shao M, Masson J-B, Denisov G, Fetter RD, Mensh BD, Truman JW, Cardona A, Zlatic M.  2016.  Competitive disinhibition mediates behavioral choice and sequences in Drosophila.. Cell. 167(3):858-70.
Shirangi TR, Wong AM, Truman JW, Stern DL.  2016.  Doublesex regulates the connectivity of a neural circuit controlling Drosophila male courtship song.. Developmental Cell. 37(6):533-44.
Rohwedder A, Wenz NL, Stehle B, Huser A, Yamagata N, Zlatic M, Truman JW, Tanimoto H, Saumweber T, Gerber B et al..  2016.  Four individually identified paired dopamine neurons signal reward in larval Drosophila.. Current Biology : CB.
Mellert DJ, W Williamson R, Shirangi TR, Card GM, Truman JW.  2016.  Genetic and environmental control of neurodevelopmental robustness in Drosophila.. PLoS One. 11(5):e0155957.
Hasegawa E, Truman JW, Nose A.  2016.  Identification of excitatory premotor interneurons which regulate local muscle contraction during Drosophila larval locomotion.. Scientific Reports. 6:30806.
Lacin H, Truman JW.  2016.  Lineage mapping identifies molecular and architectural similarities between the larval and adult Drosophila central nervous system.. eLife. 5
Shepherd D, Harris R, Williams D, Truman JW.  2016.  Postembryonic lineages of the Drosophila ventral nervous system: Neuroglian expression reveals the adult hemilineage associated fiber tracts in the adult thoracic neuromeres.. The Journal of Comparative Neurology. 524(13):2677-95.
Zwart MF, Pulver SR, Truman JW, Fushiki A, Cardona A, Landgraf M.  2016.  Selective inhibition mediates the sequential recruitment of motor pools.. Neuron. 91(3):615-28.
Schlegel P, Texada MJ, Miroschnikow A, Schoofs A, Hückesfeld S, Peters M, Schneider-Mizell CM, Lacin H, Li F, Fetter RD et al..  2016.  Synaptic transmission parallels neuromodulation in a central food-intake circuit.. eLife.
Berck ME, Khandelwal A, Claus L, Hernandez-Nunez L, Si G, Tabone CJ, Li F, Truman JW, Fetter RD, Louis M et al..  2016.  The wiring diagram of a glomerular olfactory system.. eLife. 5