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FlyLight / Collaborations
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Janelia Collaborators:

Amanda Cavallaro, Fly Facility

Konrad Rokicki, Rob Svirskas & Hideo Otsuna, Scientific Computing

Yoshi Aso, anatomical expert for Mushroom Body and lateral horn

Shigehiro Namiki, Descending Interneuron and Card Lab, anatomical expert for the Descending Cells.

Aljoscha Nern, Rubin Lab, anatomical expert for the visual system, protocol development

Tanya Wolff, Rubin Lab, anatomical expert for the central complex

Stephan Saalfeld and John Bogovic to build nervous system templates for alignment. 


Dagmar Kainmueller to segment multicolor neuron images. 

Greg Jefferis and Mike Dolan (MRC LMB) to build split-GAL4 lines for the lateral horn.

Kei Ito, Masayoshi Ito and Jens Goldhammer to map and build split-GAL4 lines for the SMP, SIP, SLP, LAL and posterior slope.

Balazs Erdi and Laszlo Tirian (IMP Vienna) conducted a pre-screen to identify hemidrivers for fruitless-expressing neurons.

Michael Dickinson (Caltech) to map build split-GAL4 lines for Descending Interneurons and VNC wing and haltere neuropils.

Ansgar Büschges (Univ. Cologne) and Richard Mann (Columbia Univ.) to help map and build split-GAL4 lines for the VNC leg neuropils.

Kristin Scott (U.C. Berkeley) to help map and build split-GAL4 lines for the subesophageal zone (SEZ) of the brain.

Collaborative Projects:

NeuroSeq, Janelia

Understanding how gene expression enables the full range of neuronal phenotypes will require measuring expression profiles at the level of individual neuronal cell types. The NeuroSeq project provided such measurements. The split-GAL4 lines generated by FlyLight provide a path to isolating the required cell populations.

FlyEM, Janelia

FlyLight provides the tools to manipulate the circuits defined by the connectomes produced by the FlyEM project. We work closely with the FlyEM project to establish the correspondence between cells visualized at the light and EM levels.

Fly Descending Interneuron Project, Janelia

Descending commands pass from the fly’s brain to motor areas in the VNC as they traverse complex environments. The Fly Descending Interneuron Project works closely with FlyLight to generate split-GAL4 lines that target descending interneurons in the fly central nervous system.