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Tools and Reagents

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FlyLight / Tools and Reagents
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Tools and Reagents
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The overall goal of the FlyLight project team is to generate genetic reagents and anatomical data that will be of widespread utility to the Drosophila research community. For this reason, we strive to make the reagents and data we generate available in a timely manner.

Our data release policies are intermediate between what is generally accepted practice for individual labs and that expected of large infrastructure projects like the genome project. More specifically, for aspects of the project where a significant fraction (more than one-third) of the effort is supplied by members of research groups (who are not funded by the project budget) then those individuals are be granted control over the use of the results for a period of time sufficient to generate publications needed for them to get credit for their work. 

FlyLight makes its primary data available through websites for expression patterns of Generation 1 GAL4 and LexA lines and for split-GAL4 lines. Generation 1, split hemidriver, and stable split combination lines are available primarily from the Bloomington Stock Center. Stable split lines can also be requested via the split-GAL4 website, or for other inquiries please email.