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New Projects

For users sending in ready-to-image cryo-EM grids to collect data for the first time on a new project, we need to review a cryo-EM image to ensure that suitable cryo-EM grids are available to best use valuable microscope time.

We strongly recommend users screen one or two cryo-EM grids from the same batch as those that will be sent for data collection. The screened grids can be included if retrievable.

Email images to or attach them when you make a reservation on our equipment calendar.

High-quality, high-throughput data collection

For users with established projects and pre-prepared cryo-EM grids, review our instructions on shipments here.

You can reserve time on equipment here:

Study of solution samples

For users who would like us to make negative stain or cryo-EM grids and screen them, review our instructions on sending solution samples here.

Data transfer

We use online data transfer service, Globus, to transfer data to users as long as their institutes permits the usage of Globus. In case that a user's institute does not permit the usage of Globus, the user should have portable hard drives sent to the cryoEM facility. We will copy the data to the hard drives and ship them to the user. As for the capacity of the hard drive, roughly 8 TB data can be generated for a typical 3 day single particle session.

Publication policy

Any projects where Janelia CryoEM staff prepare samples, grids, or do analysis of resulting images are considered to be collaborations. Therefore, those staff should be listed as co-authors.

For data collection-only services, on user-provided ready-to-image cryo-EM grids,  if CryoEM staff enabled customization of approaches or made significant intellectual input or overcame extra difficulties to make the work possible, they should be listed as co-authors. Otherwise, the following acknowledgement should be included in the publication: 1)When describing data collection in the Materials and Methods or equivalent section, please mention that data was collected on a 300 kV FEI Titan Krios microscope located at the HHMI Janelia Research Campus. 2) In the Acknowledgement section of the paper, please acknowledge help from the Janelia CryoEM facility staff. Here is one possible example:

We thank *** and *** at the HHMI Janelia CryoEM Facility for help in microscope operation and data collection.

After the paper is published, please send a link to the paper to