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The facility serves HHMI labs and their collaborators. We provide services spanning the entire cryo-EM workflow.

High-quality, high-throughput data collection on a Krios microscope

We do high quality high throughput data collection for both single particle and tomography projects on the Krios microscopes. Facility staff operate the microscope, optimize imaging conditions/parameters, and set up automated data collection while users focus on evaluating the sample and selecting targets for data collection (remotely or in-person) on cryo-EM grids provided by users that are ready for imaging.

CryoFIB milling

For cells frozen on a cryo-EM grid that are too thick to image on the Krios microscope directly, we offer an FEI Aquilos Cryo Focused Ion Beam (cryoFIB) system to mill regions of interest into a thin lamella. The cell lamella can then be loaded into the Krios microscope for imaging or tomography data collection.
To help locate regions of interest before cryoFIB milling, a Leica cryoCLEM light microscope is available to image the cryo-EM grid.

Additional services

  • Preparation of samples not prepared on a cryo-EM grid (e.g., protein complex solution or purified cellular components or cells), including:
    • Calibrating and evaluating samples by negative stain EM
    • Plunge freezing
    • Utilizing the Chameleon or cryoFIB milling systems, if needed
    • Screening on a cryo TEM
  • Image processing
  • 3D reconstruction
Facility staff will interact closely with lab members during these processes. This type of work is research-oriented by nature and should be considered as a collaboration between the lab and the facility.