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2010 Undergraduate Scholars

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2010 Undergraduate Scholars
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2010 Undergraduate Scholars
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Benjamin Basanta
: Biology
Janelia Mentor: Loren Looger
Basanta worked on the design and synthesis of a new protein to function as a fluorescent dopamine sensor.


Georgia Blake
: Natural Sciences
Janelia Mentor: Lynn Riddiford
Blake studied the effect of juvenile hormone on apoptosis in the ventral nervous system in Drosophila melanogastor.


Amanda DiBattista
: Neuroscience
Janelia Mentor: Eva Pastalkova
DiBattista investigated the correlation between physiological responses and emotional state in behaving rodents.


Jack Etheredge
Major: Biology
Janelia Mentor: Jim Truman
Etheredge investigated the interaction between neighboring secondary neuronal stem cell lineages and as a mechanism for neuronal growth guidance in Drosophila larvae.


Miles Fontenot
Major: Biology
Janelia Mentor: Julie Simpson
Fontenot studied the neurons controlling grooming behavior in fruit flies using the split GAL4/UAS system.


Sara Haenzi
Major: Psychology and Neurobiology
Janelia Mentor: Roian Egnor
Haenzi studied the influence of male ultrasonic vocalizations on female mate choice in mice.


Laurel Heckman
Major: Chemistry
Janelia Mentor: Luke Lavis
Heckman developed a fluorescent caged neural activity integrator that will identify regions of the brain that are active during specific tasks.


Jessie Kanwal
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Janelia Mentor: Anthony Leonardo
Kanwal investigated the contribution of retinal ganglion cells to visual motion tracking in salamanders during preying behavior.

  Jason Keller
Major: Neuroscience
Janelia Mentor: Karel Svoboda
Keller developed a technique to photostimulate neurons with high spatial and temporal resolution using 2-photon excitation of channelrhodopsin-2.

Andrew Lawson
Major: Natural Sciences Tripos
Janelia Mentor: David Clayton
Lawson used fluorescent labeling to investigate the location in which mitochondrial-DNA-encoded proteins are translated.


Danxun Li
Major: Physics
Janelia Mentor: Loren Looger
Li investigated in vitro modifications of the calcium sensor GCaMP3.


Yu-An (Stephanie) Lien
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Janelia Mentor: Alla Karpova
Lien investigated the operation of delayed reciprocity as a factor in the decision-making of rats.


Alexandra McGregor
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Janelia Mentor: Lou Scheffer
McGregor designed morphometry techniques for identifying the active zone of synapses in EM and FIB images.


Neset Ozel
Major: Molecular Biology and Genetics
Janelia Mentor: Alla Karpova
Ozel investigated the neural mechanisms of rat decision making in dynamic environments using in vivo electrophysiological recordings.


Theeradej (Paclink) Thaweerattanasinp
Major: Neuroscience
Janelia Mentor: Josh Dudman
Thaweerattanasinp developed a behavioral paradigm for odor-induced navigation in mice.


Chris Yates
Major: Natural Sciences
Janelia Mentor: Elena Rivas
Yates developed a two-state hidden Markov model to characterize the behavior of group-housed mice.