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High-throughput multiview image registration for SiMView microscopy

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High-throughput multiview image registration for SiMView microscopy
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This archive contains our custom software tools for registration and fusion of simultaneous multi-view (SiMView) image data. Two different versions of the code are included (sub-folders “1p-SiMView” and “2p-SiMView”), for processing one-photon SiMView data sets (asynchronous bi-directional illumination) and two-photon SiMView (synchronous bi-directional illumination) data sets, respectively.

All algorithms were developed and tested in the Matlab computer language (version R2011b, The Mathworks). In addition to the Matlab core installation, the Image Processing Toolbox is required to execute the programs. Multi-threaded execution through the job management scripts furthermore requires the Parallel Computing Toolbox. Software compatibility was verified for PCs with a Windows 7 64-bit operating system.

The publication of the SiMView technology framework is available in the literature section (Tomer, Khairy, Amat and Keller 2012, Nature Methods).

By clicking on the link below to download software, you agree to the terms of the Janelia Open-Source Software License linked here.

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