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TIRF-SIM (Total internal reflection fluorescence structured illumination microscopy)
Structured illumination microscopy (SIM) is a method that can double the spatial resolution of wide-field fluorescence microscopy in three dimensions by using spatially structured illumination...
TMV in Ice - Micrographs
Publication 2007: High-resolution electron microscopy of helical specimens: a fresh look at tobacco mosaic virus Abstract The treatment of helical objects as a string of single...
Unique Valve Stop
Automatic watering valves for ventilated cage racks come in a variety of styles such as cage-mounted valves, fixed rack-mounted valves, and rack-mounted valves with quick disconnects. During cage-...
Vaa3D is an efficient software package for bio-imaging, large-scale bioimage and surface data visualization and analysis. Large-data-consuming experiments are...
Vibratome built for the Auto Slicer Imager Rig (MouseLight 2)
Visualization of the axonal structures of individual neurons is critical to understand how neural signals are organized and communicated in the brain. Janelia researchers developed an imaging...
WaveSurfer is an application for acquiring neurophysiology data. It runs within Matlab. Key Features: Acquisition can be either trial-based or continuous...
Whisk - Whisker Tracking
Whisk is a cross-platform package for fully automated tracking of single rows of whiskers in high-speed video. It consists of a set of command-line utilities and a graphical interface for semi-...
This technology, the first of its kind, is a 128 channel head stage suitable for use in free moving mouse. This head stage has been designed by scientists and engineers at HHMI’s Janelia Research...
Whole-brain Functional Recordings
Brain function relies on communication between large populations of neurons across multiple brain areas, a full understanding of which would require knowledge of the time-varying activity of all...
Whole-embryo Mechanics Modeling
We provide the following computer code and programs: Matlab classes and utility functions for calculating spherical harmonics basis functions and their derivatives, and also for generating...