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    2 Photon Random Access Mesoscope
    Researchers at HHMI Janelia Research Campus have designed and built a 2-photon random access mesoscope (2p-RAM) that provides rapid access for imaging anywhere within a large tissue volume....
    3D iPalm
    This invention combines interferometry and photoactivated localization microscopy (PALM) to create a new light microscopy technique that provides sub 20-nm, three-dimensional localization....
    Adaptive Optics via Pupil Image Segmentation
    Microscope Adaptive Optics by rear pupil masking, adaptive optics for high resolution imaging in biological tissue. This technology advances the resolution and depth limit of light...
    High Speed Scanning Image
    Laser scanning microscopy (LSM) is an essential tool for imaging of biological specimens and two-photon LSM is the standard for imaging in vivo or in other highly scattering media. However,...
    High peak power femtosecond pulse lasers have found broad applications in micromachining, biomedical imaging, and spectroscopy. However, group delay dispersion (GDD) while propagating through...
    Immersion Reflection Microscope Objective
    The standard reflection objective is designed to work in air with reasonably high resolution. It is a light-­‐weight, simple structure (one two mirrors needed) with little chromatic dispersion and...
    Biological imaging techniques such as two photon microscopy are playing a key role in driving new advances in understanding the behavior of tissues, cells, and molecules.  When illuminating...
    Kilohertz frame-rate tomographic 2-photon microscope
    This microscope images megapixel fields of view at over 1000 Hz within scattering tissue, by scanning lines of excitation at multiple angles and recovering images computationally. It can image...
    Lattice Light Microscopy
    The Lattice Light involves use of a Bessel beam to illuminate a sample with light sheets that are sufficiently thin to achieve isotropic 3D resolution high-speed 3D fluorescent imaging. The...
    MicroED Stage Controller
    MicroED is a recently developed method from the Gonen lab which allows the collection of high-resolution electron diffraction data from extremely small protein microcrystals using an electron cryo...