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Application Details
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2017 Undergraduate Scholars Program Applications

We are currently not accepting applications. The application system will reopen in fall 2017.

Applicant Eligibility

  • Eligible applicants have at least one independent research experience that is not part of a course.
  • Current undergraduate students or post-baccalaureate students who have not yet committed to a PhD program are eligible to apply.

Application Materials

All applicants submit the following materials:

  • statement of rationale for applying to the Janelia Undergraduate Scholars program
  • statement of career goals
  • description of prior independent research (not research as part of a course or a lab)
  • identification of Janelia scientists with whom you would like to work and why
  • list of completed science and math courses or an unofficial college transcript
  • list of honors, awards, and publications
  • the names of two references who will submit a letter of recommendation. The strongest letters come from research supervisors who can speak to your ability to conduct independent research, not course instructors.

Evaluation and Selection Process

The most competitive students are those who have had significant independent research experience and have contributed intellectually to their research projects. Applicants are evaluated on the basis of their recommendation letters and descriptions of previous research, as well as their statement of how they will contribute to a Janelia lab. The top 10 percent of applicants are invited to interview by video. During that interview, students will present their previous research and discuss which labs at Janelia are of interest and why. Interviews are conducted in late February.