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Janelia-Meyerhoff Undergraduate Scholar Campus Life

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Janelia-Meyerhoff Undergraduate Scholar Campus Life
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Undergraduate summer scholars participate in a variety of scientific activities outside the lab, including journal clubs and seminars by Janelia researchers and visiting scientists. We also provide professional development opportunities, including workshops on preparing competitive applications for graduate school/graduate fellowships, and presenting effective talks. Students present their research in lab meetings and at a closing symposium open to both the Janelia community, the Meyerhoff scholar programs communities, and scholars’ families.  

On-campus housing is provided for Janelia-Meyerhoff Undergraduate Scholars. They, and other Janelians, have access to a Janelia shuttle service to the Metro and Washington DC. Janelia offers a variety of social spaces—from Bob’s pub to the Manor House music room—and other campus amenities. There are three on-site dining locations and two on-site gyms. Students can also take advantage of group fitness classes, a climbing wall, a 5-mile running path, tennis and basketball courts, and nature trails. 


Janelia-Meyerhoff Undergraduate scholars are encouraged to explore the surrounding area and enjoy a variety of social activities on and off-site, including Janelia barbecues, a fourth of July outing to the Washington DC fireworks display, and other local events. Students can also plan their own social adventures, such as a Washington Nationals ballgame or white water rafting down the Potomac River.  

If you have any questions about undergraduate life at Janelia, please contact the Director of Student and Postdoctoral Programs, Erik Snapp.