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Cellular diversity in hippocampal pyramidal neurons

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Cellular diversity in hippocampal pyramidal neurons
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While our previous work has focused on CA1 pyramidal neurons, it is clear that the dendritic structure of pyramidal neurons in other hippocampal areas is quite different (Spruston and McBain, 2007; Spruston, 2008). Motivated by our discovery that there are two pyramidal neurons in CA1 and subiculum of the rat (Graves et al., 2012), David Hunt is studying the diversity of pyramidal neurons in the mouse hippocampus. In addition to the conventional patch-clamp methods we used previously, we are using a combination of other methods, including birthdate labeling of hippocampal pyramidal neurons and expression of channelrhodopsin in specific excitatory projections. Furthermore, we are expanding the scope of the investigation from CA1 and subiculum to also include CA2 and CA3.