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DataPro is a program for electrophysiology data acquisition using Instrutech A-to-D hardware, primarily geared towards trial-based acquisition.  It allows easy configuration of inputs and outputs, sampling rate, trial duration, etc, and has a good-sized library of stimulus types (pulses, ramps, pulse trains, sinusoids, chirps, etc).  It is written as an Igor Pro package, and allows the user to run custom Igor Pro code at various times during acquisition, allowing for flexible online analysis of experimental data.  DataPro also contains a module for taking simultaneous optical data with the Andor iXon Ultra camera, which allows for the extraction of signals from regions of interest (ROIs), with precise synchronization between the electrical and optical subsystems.

Engineer: Adam Taylor
Requester: Nelson Spruston
Originating Lab: Spruston Lab
Component Tool System: Tool
Licensing: Open Source