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Spruston Lab / Collaborations
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Jennifer Colonell, Applied Physics Instrumentation Group

Rick Fetter, Principal Scientist

Bill Karsh, Applied Physics Instrumentation Group

Brett Mensh, Scientific Advisor

Ken Sugino, NeuroSeq project

Sarada Viswanathan, Looger lab


Aushra Abouzeid, Northwestern University

Morgan Bridi, Abel lab, U. Penn

Dezhe Jin, Penn State University

Bill Kath, Northwestern University

Haining Zhong, Oregon Health and Science University

Yitzhak Schiller, Technion University

Collaborative Projects

NeuroSeq, Janelia

With the NeuroSeq project team, including Ken Sugino, postdoc Mark Cembrowski is investigating gene expression in a host of hippocampal cell types.

MouseLight, Janelia

With the MouseLight team, the Spruston lab is investigating the axon projections from individual hippocampal neurons to other parts of the brain.

Jeff Magee and Albert Lee, Janelia

With Magee and Lee, postdoc Xinyu Zhao is studying the response properties of different types of pyramidal neurons in mice navigating a virtual reality environment.

Bill Kath and Aushra Abouzeid, Northwestern University

With Kath and Abouzeid, the Spruston lab is developing compartmental models of hippocampal neurons to make experimentally testable predictions about how dendrites integrate synaptic input and how dendritically initiated spikes and backpropagating action potentials might lead to the induction of synaptic plasticity.

Dezhe Jin, Penn State University

With Dezhe Jin and Ting Zhao (Janelia Scientific Computing), the Spruston lab is developing methods for efficient and accurate reconstructions of stained neurons. The resulting reconstructions can be used for quantitative morphometric analysis and single-neuron computational modeling.

Mike Tadross, Janelia

In collaboration with Mike Tadross, Spruston postdoc Julia Bachman is developing genetic tools for deleting, mutating or labeling endogenously expressed proteins in hippocampal neurons.

Yitzhak Schiller, Technion University

Schiller is working with the Spruston lab to use imaging to investigate neuronal dynamics in hippocampal slices during seizure and pre-seizure activity.

Haining Zhong, Oregon Health and Science University

With Zhong and Caiying Guo (Janelia Transgenics and Gene Targeting), the Spruston lab is collaborating on ways to label proteins expressed from their normal genetic loci.