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Beyond the Connectome

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Beyond the Connectome

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September 18 - 21, 2023
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While the fly and worm connectomes have been available for some time, a growing number of connectomes continue to be generated. These connectomes have already changed the fields of experimental and theoretical neuroscience. Nevertheless, our ability to interpret them is limited by our inability to directly determine many parameters. These include, but are not limited to:

·      Identity of neurotransmitters
·      Location, identity, and characterization of receptors
·      Locations and types of gap junctions
·      Enumeration of neuromodulators, which cells emit them, and receptor locations
·      Synapse components and how they differ between synapses
·      Synapse strength estimates  
·      Types and reconstruction of glia
·      Measurement and control of the nervous system in operation
·      Strategy for adding non-connectome-derived features into connectome databases

Tools and techniques for acquiring, storing, and utilizing these data are badly needed.  This conference will bring together practitioners in these diverse fields with the goal of increasing the impact of current and future connectomes by adding additional data types.

The meeting will begin at 6pm on the first day and end by 1pm on the last. 

Applications are closed

Please note: Because Janelia conferences are intentionally small and selective, we may not be able to accommodate all applicants. We strive for as broad a representation across labs as possible and therefore may limit participation to one person per group. Preference is given to applicants who are active researchers in the field and intend to present their work as a poster or selected talk.


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Yoshi Aso, Janelia Research Campus/HHMI
Lou Scheffer, Janelia Research Campus/HHMI
Alison Tebo, Janelia Research Campus/HHMI
Marta Zlatic, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Invited Participants

Cori Bargmann, Rockefeller University
Guo-Qiang Bi, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)
Alex Borst, Max Planck Institute for Biological Intelligence
Gwyneth Card, HHMI/Columbia University
Albert Cardona, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Sarah Certel, University of Montana
Jaeda Coutinho-Budd, University of Virginia
Graeme Davis, University of California, San Francisco
Pietro De Camilli, HHMI/Yale School of Medicine
Maria de la Paz Fernandez, Barnard College 
Erika Donà, CNR Institute of Neuroscience
Catherine Dulac, Harvard University
Mark Ellisman, University of California, San Diego
Jan Funke, Janelia Research Campus/HHMI
Hansjörg Götzke, NanoTag Biotechnologies
Moritz Helmstaedter, Max Planck Institute for Brain Research
James Jeanne, Yale University
Erik Jorgensen, HHMI/University of Utah
Wei-Chung Lee, Harvard Medical School
Yulong Li, Peking University
Eve Marder, Brandeis University
Thomas Oertner, Center for Molecular Neurobiology Hamburg (ZMNH)
Gerry Rubin, Janelia Research Campus/HHMI
William Schafer, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge
Eric Schreiter, Janelia Research Campus/HHMI
Erin Schuman, Max Planck Institute for Brain Research
Stephan Sigrist, Free University of Berlin
Stephen Smith, Allen Institute for Brain Science
Paul Tillberg, Janelia Research Campus/HHMI
Srini Turaga, Janelia Research Campus/HHMI
Ryohei Yasuda, Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience
Larry Zipursky, HHMI/University of California, Los Angeles