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Junior Scientist Workshop on the Development and Function of Brain-Body Communication

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Junior Scientist Workshop on the Development and Function of Brain-Body Communication

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September 22 - 27, 2024
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Organized by Isabel Espinosa Medina, Anoj Ilanges, Yin Liu, Alex Chen, and Weiyu Chen, this workshop provides an exciting opportunity for graduate students, postdocs, and others in similar positions who are interested in the development and function of brain-body interactions to present their work to a diverse audience, work through challenges, discuss ideas for the future, and explore potential early-career options at Janelia.

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We encourage applications from junior scientists studying how the brain and body communicate throughout life. We welcome a broad array of ideas, approaches and model systems and will also consider those working at the interface between theory and experiment. The workshop will broadly focus on the physiology and development of brain-body communication systems (e.g., interoceptive coding, neuroimmune axis, innervation of peripheral organs, regulation of brain-body circuits by social interactions, new imaging technologies, etc.). We are particularly interested in discussing how brain-body control systems are established and function in vivo at the level of circuits, cells, and molecules. Sessions will be thematically tuned to the participants’ research interests.

Over the course of the week, attendees will present their work, discuss critical problems and obstacles in the field, and engage in informed speculation about conceptual and technical approaches that might shape future progress. Our goal is for a lively meeting, with participants from diverse research backgrounds actively contributing to discussions and brainstorming sessions. We strive for an inclusive and respectful atmosphere of relaxed and productive interactions where participants are comfortable giving and receiving constructive criticism and evaluating their own methods and approaches.

**Janelia covers the cost of accommodation, meals and reasonable travel expenses for accepted participants. To ensure a valuable and enjoyable experience for all, space in the workshop is limited. Participants are expected to stay for the duration.**

Applications are closed