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Junior Scientist Workshop on Neural Circuits and Behavior

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Junior Scientist Workshop on Neural Circuits and Behavior

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October 1 - 6, 2017
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Registration for this meeting is now closed. 

Organized by Alla Karpova, Josh Dudman and Vivek Jayaraman, this workshop provides an exciting opportunity for graduate students and recent graduates interested in neural circuits and behavior to present their research and discuss bold ideas for the future, while also discovering potential independent early-career options at Janelia.

The meeting is open to a broad array of ideas and approaches in diverse animal models. The agenda will be thematically tuned to explore some of the issues raised by participants with a general emphasis on studies of cognition broadly construed (e.g. navigation, learning, decision making, etc.).

Over the course of five days, attendees will present their work, partake in lively discussions on key problems and obstacles in the field, and indulge in informed speculation about conceptual and technical approaches that might be useful for future progress.

The focus of the meeting will be on junior scientists, but we will also host a few plenary talks from established investigators. As with last year, we anticipate that the workshop will be interactive and intense. We want participants who are comfortable not only presenting their own ideas and results, but also actively contributing to discussion and critically evaluating their own methods and approaches. We will aim to ensure that discussions are freewheeling, but also respectful and inclusive, and that the atmosphere is both fun and productive. Attendees should feel free to come with half-baked ideas and expect an audience keen on talking through those ideas!

In order to maintain the small group atmosphere that we believe is necessary for extensive interactions and discussion, space in the workshop is limited. Participants are expected to stay for the duration.

Janelia will cover the cost of accommodation, meals and reasonable travel expenses.

We especially encourage applicants who identify with groups traditionally underrepresented in science. 

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To be considered, applicants must complete EACH of the following:

1. Register and submit a research abstract at

2. Submit a current CV (send as a pdf to

3. Have your PI provide a brief letter of support specifically addressing the creativity and independence that makes you particularly well-suited for this workshop (send to

4. Provide answers to the following questions (send as a pdf to

(a) In 300 words or less, describe a paper (neither your own nor from your lab) that quantified   behavior in a way that you aspire to in your own work.

(b) In 300 words or less, describe one technical solution you developed and how it enabled a previous or current project (this contribution could be intellectual, mechanical, software, computational, etc).

(c) “___________________________” is something I often read in papers, but I think it should be “____________________________”. [fill in the blanks; 300 words or less]