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Conference Structure

Janelia conferences range from small workshops for more intimate discussions to larger conferences of up to 75 people. Each meeting typically has at least one external and one internal organizer (usually a Janelia lab head). New meetings are announced on the Janelia website in/around March and September so that interested members of the scientific community can apply. Participants are selected based on their research abstract and ability to contribute to the scientific discussion. Presentations may include talks and/or posters.

Registration Fees

There are no registration fees for Janelia conferences.


Barring extenuating circumstances, participants are expected to attend for the duration.

Meals & Accommodations

Janelia covers the cost of accommodations for all participants during the meeting. Attendees are housed onsite in the Janelia guest house in queen rooms with private bathrooms. Rooms do not have a refrigerator though one may be requested by emailing

Janelia covers the cost of meals for all participants during the meeting. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and break-time snacks. If you have any special needs (physical or dietary restrictions, etc) please email and we will do our best to accommodate.

Travel Costs

Attendees must cover their own travel costs. We do have limited travel scholarships available to provide assistance to those who need it in order to attend.  If you wish to apply for support, please complete the “travel funds request” field during online registration.

In accordance with our conference travel policy, attendees who have applied and been approved for support in advance of the meeting will be reimbursed up to a fixed amount based on economy class travel. Participants must attend the entire conference in order to qualify for reimbursement. See our detailed travel policy for more information.

Getting to Janelia

Dulles International Airport (IAD) is closest to Janelia - a 15-minute (~$25) cab ride. Washington DC (Reagan Airport or Union Station) is significantly further from us, about an hour drive (~$85).

Unfortunately, public transportation does not come directly to Janelia. Please visit the WMATA Metro Trip Planner if you'd like to use the DC area metro. The Ashburn Station is closest to us - about 15 minutes away.

Guests of Conference Attendees

Janelia is generally unable to host family members of conference attendees.  If circumstances require you to travel with a family member, please contact for prior approval and arrangements.

Conference attendees should refrain from inviting guests without prior approval by our Front Desk Receptionist or Conference Management. We are a secure campus and all visitors must be on the Security list.

Abstract Book

To facilitate interactions, all conference participants are asked to provide a short abstract on their research interests, to be included in an electronic abstract book.


Presentations at Janelia conferences do not constitute scientific publications, and their scientific content may not be shared outside of the conference without the express permission of the presenter. Permission is required for sharing through tweets, websites, or blogs, as well as more traditional means of communication. This has been the standard ethic for dissemination of unpublished results presented in closed scientific meetings, and we feel that this ethic is important to promote the free exchange of unpublished material, which is in the interests of all participants. The advent of new Internet technology does not change the standards for the ethical conduct of science.

For these reasons, participants are not permitted to record presentations or posters by electronic or photographic means without the express permission of the presenter. Given these assurances, presenters should speak openly and not allude to any data or experiments that they are not prepared to discuss in full.

The application to participate in a Janelia conference contains the following statement, and each participant must agree to these provisions:

Presentations and posters are not to be recorded by electronic or photographic means, and the scientific content of Janelia conference presentations, posters, and discussions is not to be shared outside of the conference, without the express permission of the presenter. Permission is required for sharing through tweets, websites, or blogs as well as more traditional means of communication. Authors are requested to omit references to the scientific content of Janelia conferences from any publication.

Recording and Streaming

We maintain a strict privacy policy and encourage speakers to present new and unpublished data. Janelia conference talks are neither recorded nor streamed.


In the event that you need to bring a young child with you to the conference, Janelia may be able to offer daycare. Please read more here about conference childcare and contact us at with questions or inquiries.

Journal Names in Publications

HHMI is working to build a more open, inclusive future for science, including how we share new research. Because we want people to focus on the work, not the journal in which it was published, HHMI has recently adopted a policy that presentations (slides and posters) should not contain journal names. We ask conference and workshop guests to comply with this policy by avoiding journal names and covers in talks and posters. We suggest instead using first author, year, and other identifiers, like title, PMID, or DOI. This shift will help us center on what matters - the science - and continue transitioning away from overemphasis on publication placement. You can view the full policy HERE.