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Integrating Nutrition and Metabolism Across Scales

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Integrating Nutrition and Metabolism Across Scales

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August 16 - 17, 2021
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Organized by Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz (HHMI/Janelia), Vamsi Mootha (HHMI/Harvard) and Rong Tian (U. Washington), this is the seventh in a series of planning workshops that will serve an important role in shaping Janelia's new 15-lab, 15-year research program in 4D Cellular Physiology.  

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This workshop will explore outstanding questions and challenges in the broad field of nutrition and metabolism. Metabolism operates at multiple length scales that are interconnected: metabolites, enzymes, metabolons, organelles, cells, organs, organisms, and their environments. Likewise, it is coupled to many processes, including genome regulation, signaling, growth, and development. The range of scales implies that multiple experimental and theoretical approaches are required to achieve a holistic picture of metabolism in action. This workshop will bring together experts working in diverse areas of nutrition and metabolism at different scales - both basic physiology and disease biology, as well as technology - with the goal of understanding how the 4D Cellular Physiology initiative can positively impact this field.

The virtual format will include ~5 hours of short talks and discussion each day, open to the broad scientific community. Presentations by invited speakers will focus on current challenges in the field and exciting new directions that could lead to transformative advances.

This workshop will serve an important role in shaping Janelia’s ongoing research program, providing critical background for a new approach to collaboratively tackle some of the most important problems in modern biomedical research. 

Graduate students, postdocs and other trainees are invited to submit an abstract for consideration for a short talk on your work.

Applications are closed.


Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, HHMI/Janelia Research Campus
Vamsi Mootha, HHMI/Harvard University
Rong Tian, University of Washington


Zoltan Arany, University of Pennsylvania
Ralph DeBerardinis, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Christine Des Rosiers, University of Montreal
Ronald Evans, HHMI/Salk Institute
Toren Finkel, University of Pittsburgh
Joanne Kelleher, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Marc Kirschner, Harvard University
Heidi McBride, McGill University
Chris Newgard, Duke University 
Luke O’Neill, Trinity College Dublin
Joshua Rabinowitz, Princeton University
Jared Rutter, University of Utah
Bruce Spiegelman, Harvard University
Meng Wang, HHMI/Baylor College of Medicine
Gary Yellen, Harvard University
Juleen Zierath, Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm) and Center for Basic Metabolic Research (U. Copenhagen)

Discussion Leaders

Lewis Cantley, Weill Cornell Medical College
Marcia Haigis, Harvard University
Gökhan Hotamışlıgil, Harvard University
Deb Muoio, Duke University